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Re: Do we need another Echo?

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 15:30 +0200, Steven Garrity wrote:
> With Diana gone from the project, perhaps it is worth reconsidering the 
> original goals of Echo.
Diana started it, but the Echo icons are now a community effort.

> With both Tango and Oxygen going, I see two strong projects with 
> attractive and modern icon styles. I'd rather see Fedora team up with 
> one of these projects than start anew (with isometric icons at that).
> Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Steven Garrity

What's wrong with isometric icons? That's one of the things I really
miss in tango. I think we should continue with the Echo effort, but it
would be perhaps good to base them more on tango - i.e. use our styling
and perspective, but mostly tango or gnome shapes. The echo icons are
great so far, I even heard an opinion that they are better then oxygen
icons, they have touch of Fedora and there would me many people
disappointed if we stopped the effort.

I think there is nothing wrong about working on our own project, but we
could help with tango efforts as well, e.g. by actively participating in
the Icon Naming Specifications, with creating similar icons in tango
style for those, that are not in tango yet, etc. I am not sure however
about the Oxygen icons. How do they look in small sizes, how open the
development is, etc.?


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