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Re: Do we need another Echo?

Martin Sourada wrote:
What's wrong with isometric icons? That's one of the things I really
miss in tango. I think we should continue with the Echo effort, but it
would be perhaps good to base them more on tango - i.e. use our styling
and perspective, but mostly tango or gnome shapes. The echo icons are
great so far, I even heard an opinion that they are better then oxygen
icons, they have touch of Fedora and there would me many people
disappointed if we stopped the effort.


I believe we should, moving forward, use the Tango artwork as a base, but work on some of AndyFitz's 'SVG Crack' [1] to make it possible to have Echo stylesheets. Sort of the way Ubuntu has orangized some of the key Tango icons, but instead applying our palette and our styles to Tango. Does that make sense?

We could still work upstream with Tango this way, as if we needed a new icon not in the Tango set we could create the artwork to match ourselves and submit it upstream as well.

We have already somewhat agreed to taking the 16x16 => 24x24 icons from Tango and restyling them as a bit of a pilot for this project.

Does that seem reasonable?


[1] http://live.gnome.org/AwesomeArtShit <= see the bottom with the ducks and monitors

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