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Re: Do we need another Echo?

Martin Sourada wrote:

What's wrong with isometric icons? That's one of the things I really
miss in tango. I think we should continue with the Echo effort, but it

One problem with isometric icons is that they are harder to create and as a consequence not so many people will contribute to the development. But it you are one of the main icon designers and you like drawing in this perspective, I say "more power to you!" Another problem with isometric icons is they don't work well at smaller size. So you will need two versions: isometric for large icons and top-down for small icons and will wave to work a lot more. (Of course, Tangoicons have also different icons for small and large size, but they use similar perspective, so it a bit easier).

would be perhaps good to base them more on tango - i.e. use our styling
and perspective, but mostly tango or gnome shapes. The echo icons are
great so far, I even heard an opinion that they are better then oxygen
icons, they have touch of Fedora and there would me many people
disappointed if we stopped the effort.

I think there is nothing wrong about working on our own project

Even if I am not a fan of Echo and contributed only very few icons to the collection, my opinion is: if you have fun working on Echo, then work on it, you have my support.

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