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Re: Do we need another Echo?

Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

I thought it might be worth re-evaluating the original purposes for Echo now that Diana is gone, and Tango is a bit more mature.

Of course, if people want to dedicate their time to the project, that is their prerogative and I don't want to be too negative about that.

Oh, and yet, Oxygen is a KDE project, but a nice icon style is a nice icon style :-)

Steven Garrity

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Steven Garrity wrote:
With Diana gone from the project, perhaps it is worth reconsidering the original goals of Echo.

With both Tango and Oxygen going, I see two strong projects with attractive and modern icon styles. I'd rather see Fedora team up with one of these projects than start anew (with isometric icons at that).


Luya and Martin took over Echo, so is up to them to define their current set of goals. Echo development is not a blocker for Fedora, it goes in parallel and if/when the set become good enough we can evaluate it use as a default.

Echo was indeed started by Diana as a personal project, but at the time a lot more people were against using Tango as a default.
And Oxygen is not for KDE?

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