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Re: Echo Icons Guidelines Discussion: Colour Palette

On 16/08/07, Martin Sourada <martin sourada seznam cz> wrote:
> I've prepared a new palette [2] based on the colours used in
> various already created icons and the original Ben Arnold's palette [3].
> It contains 27 colours. For blue, red, orange, brown, green and purple
> there are three variants for each, there are four variants for metallic
> colours and 5 variants for grey. The darkest grey is to be used as base
> colour for shadows.
> What do you think of the new palette?

#9AED00 - the central lime-ish green - is the only one that really
stands out to me. How about #9ADE00 ?

The rest all seem to have the same tone; the lightest brown. #E3A200,
could be a little lighter to fit the others. Somewhere between that
and #FFCB49 ?


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