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Echo Globe - Challenge?


one of the things that bugs me about the current echo, is the
category-internet icon. It uses Bluecurve's globe which for various
reasons doesn't follow the Echo guidelines. The most notable things that
I don't like about it are:

a) uses different colour scheme
b) uses different lighting scheme
c) shows only South and North Amerika 

so, I tried to create a globe in Echo styling and it seems to be rather
a challenge that icon. I derived the globe shape from that in Tango and
Gnome icon themes, changed the colours to Echo palette, changed the
outline and shadow to echo styling, but I am still not however satisfied
with it. It looks nice, but I still think it's a little different from
the other echo icons. Any ideas? Any competing mockups? You can find my
globe on my fedorapeople page [1].


[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/echo.xhtml

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