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Re: About the mascot

María Leandro wrote:
I think is a delicated issue. To pic a mascot, we "should" think about animals in danger of extinction, but this would unduly favour some of them. So when I made my propose, I was thinking not just of one, rather, of several, but to make a unique mascot that could be more symbolic. (don't wanna say USE MINE!.. just the idea...)

What I hoped for was convergence: after a certain number of proposals are submitted, people start playing with and improving the images submitted by the other and when *a lot* of people converge on playing by their own will with one single mascot, we can be certain we found a winner.

So, why don't we make a list of which animals are in danger of extinction and join them to make a new one?

I am not sure, we can come with a *huge* list with endangered species but we have not solved anything until someone draw *cute* images of them. Also, some of those species may be not well known outside a certain geographical area (they are endangered) so people may ask: what is that? (but as an apposite argument, something less known is geekier and may appeal better to our current audience).

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