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Round 3 Default Artwork Decision

Hi folks,

So the original deadline for round 3 was August 20th. The freeze date for F8 Test 2 was pushed back to the 28th. But I think we should make a decision now seeing as we're past our original due date and are really in a crunch right now with less than a week. We should be handing the artwork off by the morning of Monday, the 27th, to give the developers reasonable time to check it in before the freeze. If we don't have it all done for this freeze, we'll need to get the rest in for Test 3.

So... which way are you folks all leaning for F8's default?

Ben, have you made any more progress on Abstract? I checked the wiki page [1] but it looks like the latest artwork is from Aug 5th and doesn't incorporate the modifications based on the feedback you got on our blogs and on list?

This is where Infinity is at:


It has:

- wallpaper for standard and widescreen ratios (still needs dualscreen)
- grub background
- anaconda splash
- anaconda banner.

It still needs:

- CD boot menu
- firstboot banner & splash (could reuse anaconda splash)
- Normal boot menu background (grub)
- RHGB theme
- GDM theme (we can do a graphical greeter if we provide the theme so i can write it) - if we need splashes for gnome and KDE, the anaconda splash design should work well with minor modifications


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F8ThemeAbstract

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