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Re: [Echo Icons] help needed in cleaning SVG icons.

Le Mer 15 août 2007 19:42, Martin Sourada a écrit :
> Hi,
> the SVG icons have several more or less serious issues. I've already
> fixed those most bad ones (non-square icon sizes and some of the worst
> garbage removal from inkscape). We need more, however. Here is the
> list
> of what is needed to do with the SVG icons currently.
> a) make them smaller in means of space on disk - vacuum defs in
> inkscape
> does very good job at this (I already run it on some icons), it would
> be
> great if we could do more automatically, opening each icon in inkscape
> is just slow...

Just tell me what elements or attributes you want to be killed and I
can modify the scrubbing xslt to do it (if it does not now, it's
pretty thorough already)

> b) fix the positioning. The positioning must the same as in 48x48 png
> counterparts. Currently the SVG usually are slightly bigger
> c) add shadows. The shadows must be same like in their 48x48 png
> counterparts. It's possible to make a shadow in and then export png,
> in
> order to be same.
> d) fix various rendering issues. Many icons made in Adobe Illustrator
> just don't display as they should. All SVG icons MUST look like their
> 48x48 png counterparts.

Again if you can specify the transform you want I may just automatise
it (no hard promise)


Nicolas Mailhot

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