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F8 artwork update

Hey folks,

So a little bit of news on the Fedora 8 artwork front. First, since we had the most 'votes' on list for Infinity and since Ben simply ran out of time this go-round [1], it seems to make sense to go with Infinity especially since we are so short on time (tomorrow, er it's late... today is the code freeze for F8 test 2.)

We started working on getting artwork checked in for test 2. Tonight, the firstboot banner & splash, the grub splash, and the new RHGB theme got checked in. Tomorrow (er... later today lol) I'm going to work on getting the wallpaper, syslinux, and anaconda artwork checked in.

The only absolutely essential artwork we do not have checked in or ready to check in for F8 test 2 is GDM. I'm not sure what to do about it; Avio [2] looks nice - what do you think if we used that with a theme-specific background? Does anybody have any other ideas for GDM? As an absolute fallback we can go with the current one and simply replace the Flying High background as Nicu suggested. It doesn't look bad, but I'd like to see something different if we can do it. If anybody has a mockup I can implement it so we're not bound to use something that's already been implemented.

Other stuff that's not super essential but nice-to-have and hopefully we'll have ready for test 3:

- gnome splash
- kde splash
- multi-colored multiple backgrounds for the time-of-day feature mclasen mentioned earlier. (actually I have some prepared already so if I have some time tomorrow I'll see if I can get any of those in)

Beyond this, there's still a lot of work to do so if anyone is interested in working on any of the following (or anything above for that matter) please feel free to jump in! :)

- Round 4:
default firefox theme - banner / layout - every time someone opens up firefox in Fedora 8 they will see this page!

default httpd 'welcome to your fedora webserver' page - every time someone starts up a Fedora httpd webserver for the first time this will be the page their system serves up.

- Round 5:
F8 marketing materials discussion with fedora-marketing-list... come up with a slogan for our new theme, and promotional graphic ideas, maybe brainstorm what's needed for the promotional kit (see round 7)

- Round 6:
finalize artwork/design for F8 DVD/CD labels and sleeves. These will be printed up professionally and will be available at conferences likely worldwide. They also may be used by magazines that distribute Fedora 8. So if you want to learn about designing DVD/CD labels for professional screenprinting (I'm thinking this time let's do something cool with leaving parts of the design blank for the silver of the disc to show through), or if you'd rather come up with a nice logo Fedora users everywhere can print out on an inkjet printer, help out with this one :)

- Round 7:
release promo kit with nicely-designed PDF release notes for handing out at conferences, etc (good excuse to try out Scribus!!)

- Round 8: finalize www.fedoraproject.org promotional materials for F8 launch


[1] (Ben, we can resurrect Abstract for F9 if you want to propose it again... and feel free to jump in on the other rounds for F8 if/when you're less busy!)

[2] http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=37395

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