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Re: Infinity GDM mockup

Martin Sourada wrote:

I created a gmd mockups for the infinity theme. It's based on the Avio
style you talked about, but it has fewer buttons and it is coloured
according to infinity wallpaper. I created widescreen mockup, but on 4:3
it will be similar. Any comments? Oh, and the used icons are from Gnome
theme (as Mist derives those).

- I like better the version with the user/password box at the top, I find it easier to find; - I would use a smaller font for date/time and maybe (just maybe) move it to the bottom, is not that important as info; - the drop shadow could be a little more discrete, not so large and definitely it should not be visible under the transparent area; - how about little (but very little) transparency for the central (dark blue) area? - maybe the white area should not be so white (I didn't like the big area in Avio either)

I think I'll play a bit in Inkscape with your SVG and post here if I like what I get

[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/gdm/

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