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Re: Infinity GDM mockup

On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 15:13 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Martin Sourada wrote:
> > On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 14:30 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> >> - the drop shadow could be a little more discrete, not so large and 
> >> definitely it should not be visible under the transparent area;
> > Yes, however inkscape's blur isn't fit for such think (or I at least I
> > don't know, how to do the blur only on out-looking side of an object).
> > Can be removed later e.g. in gimp. And yes, it would probably be better
> > smaller.
> Use a mask. But instead of a solid white rectangle, use a big white 
> rectangle with a rectangle cut from its middle, covering only the 
> outside of the shadow... I was not very clear, look at my SVG
Thanks for the tip :)

> >> I think I'll play a bit in Inkscape with your SVG and post here if I 
> >> like what I get
> Here, bot PNG and SVG http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/gdm/ (the svg does not 
> have the raster background)
> > Looking forward to it. Note that the background is however imported png,
> > so it will probably not show when you open the svg.
> Sure, I know how to deal with that. BTW, you know it is possible to 
> embed the PNG inside the SVG? (but it will be base64 encoded, so the 
> file size is very large)
I didn't know that. But considering the size, it is probably better not
having it embed.

I like the bright borders you've chosen, but the buttons I prefer when
they are in column. I played meanwhile with my version and put the
result again on the same place [1].


[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/gdm/

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