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Re: animated backgrounds

Matthias Clasen wrote:
A while ago Søren Sandmann did some work to support animated
backgrounds. The use case this feature was designed for is to
show pictures of the same scene (e.g. a city skyline) over the
course of the day (say, every 15 minutes), synchronized to the current time. Unfortunately, we didn't ever get around to take such a photo series. But it would be a shame to let this nice feature go unused and eventually bitrot away, so I ported it to the new appearance capplet last night, and I am sending out this email in the hope that maybe some artists will find this interesting enough to come up with some cool animated backgrounds.

So I did a series of the infinity backgrounds, 24, 1 for each in the day to match the approximate sky coloring of that time of day.


All 24 PNGs:

Each one is widescreen, 25600x1600 pixels which I think is the largest reasonably available resolution for widescreen ratio. :)

I put together an xml file for the animation based on the format for


I did each one using gradients and layer blending modes in the Gimp over top of the main background image. The source is here (warning: it's quite large):


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