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Re: animated backgrounds

Martin Sourada wrote:

But the transitions would be more jumpy. I am now making some changes to
the wallpapers Mo created. I picked what I thought best for 00am, 04am,
06am, 09am, 00pm, 03pm, 06pm and 09pm (i.e. 00am midnight, 06am dawn,
00pm noon, 06pm dusk and the rest is somewhere in between) and am doing
now the hours between by transitioning them in gimp - I think it is good
to have one wallpaper per hour, but as a start what you suggested seems
enough, but making the transitions in gimp is less CPU intensive than
letting the gnome do it for you.

Well, I am not that thrilled about the background reflecting the color ot the sky and changing it often, but I have a related long-term idea: if/when we will have a mascot, have the wallpaper showing the mascot in some action reflecting the current time: at night he will sleep (or will be very tired, with big, red eyes), at lunch time he will be eating, in the morning be upset for having to wake-up and so on (that would look marvelous with a cron-like config, to keep track of week days, alternate schedule for week-ends etc.)

Absolute crack: it may take the date from something like the about-me applet and show something special on your birth day.

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