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Adjusting Nodoka Metacity


I have not enough time now to do things fast (this time of year is
rather a busy one...), but I started adjusting the Nodoka metacity. The
main reason for this was to make it more adjustable (meaning the button
positions), so that the Mac OS X button ordering would work as expected.
That needed reworking of the button drawing functions, most notably
separating the buttons. Today I updated the metacity in trunk [1] to
enable this change. You can try it out and I'll be grateful for
suggestions, patches, adjustments, ... 

As a part of the process I decided to start work on alternative Nodoka
metacity styling, I named it Nodoka Reloaded, but maybe Nodoka Classic
would be better, as it uses classic button styling. I attach screen-shot
of a sketch (with the eog window, so that I can show the adjustment I
made to the original in work) and a SVG source. Suggestions of course
welcome. I should mention that I didn't care much with the sizes (as you
can see from the screen-shot), so the proportions will be a bit
different in the final theme...

I'd also like to mention that it is desired that the gradients will be
same and that the button icons (like the "x" for closing) will be same
as well for both themes. So, if you have some ideas for the final look
of the icons, it is more than welcome. I already provided two: the
simple looking in the original Nodoka Metacity and the Clearlooks like
in the Nodoka Reloaded.

Another thing I have in mind is an idea of creating a third Nodoka
metacity theme. It should have same gradients styling (hue and
saturation can be different) and button icons, but the rest I leave for
your suggestions. Would you like differently coloured buttons, some
strangely shaped buttons, or joined buttons in one group, anything else?
While this is really a low priority one, your suggestions, sketches,
etc. will be welcome.

So as you might guessed, I'd like to ship (hopefully since Fedora 9)
three slightly different Nodoka metacity themes - the adjusted theme we
are using now (that will remain the default one), one with classical
styled buttons (the one I attached sketch for), and one designed mostly
to fit the wants of those that don't like either of the former two, or
would like to have something less traditional.



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