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Re: Adjusting Nodoka Metacity

I like the traditional, but another version, with bigger width would
also be nice.

Dnia 06-12-2007, czw o godzinie 00:07 +0100, Martin Sourada pisze:
> Hi,
> I have not enough time now to do things fast (this time of year is
> rather a busy one...), but I started adjusting the Nodoka metacity. The
> main reason for this was to make it more adjustable (meaning the button
> positions), so that the Mac OS X button ordering would work as expected.
> That needed reworking of the button drawing functions, most notably
> separating the buttons. Today I updated the metacity in trunk [1] to
> enable this change. You can try it out and I'll be grateful for
> suggestions, patches, adjustments, ... 
> As a part of the process I decided to start work on alternative Nodoka
> metacity styling, I named it Nodoka Reloaded, but maybe Nodoka Classic
> would be better, as it uses classic button styling. I attach screen-shot
> of a sketch (with the eog window, so that I can show the adjustment I
> made to the original in work) and a SVG source. Suggestions of course
> welcome. I should mention that I didn't care much with the sizes (as you
> can see from the screen-shot), so the proportions will be a bit
> different in the final theme...
> I'd also like to mention that it is desired that the gradients will be
> same and that the button icons (like the "x" for closing) will be same
> as well for both themes. So, if you have some ideas for the final look
> of the icons, it is more than welcome. I already provided two: the
> simple looking in the original Nodoka Metacity and the Clearlooks like
> in the Nodoka Reloaded.
> Another thing I have in mind is an idea of creating a third Nodoka
> metacity theme. It should have same gradients styling (hue and
> saturation can be different) and button icons, but the rest I leave for
> your suggestions. Would you like differently coloured buttons, some
> strangely shaped buttons, or joined buttons in one group, anything else?
> While this is really a low priority one, your suggestions, sketches,
> etc. will be welcome.
> So as you might guessed, I'd like to ship (hopefully since Fedora 9)
> three slightly different Nodoka metacity themes - the adjusted theme we
> are using now (that will remain the default one), one with classical
> styled buttons (the one I attached sketch for), and one designed mostly
> to fit the wants of those that don't like either of the former two, or
> would like to have something less traditional.
> Thanks,
> Martin
> References:
> [1]
> http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/nodoka;a=tree;f=trunk/nodoka-theme-gnome/Nodoka/metacity-1;h=e63f5ab366634a4b63e10429170671fd80d0e3f7;hb=HEAD
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