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Re: Banners

On Mon, 2007-12-03 at 13:23 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> > What do people think about getting some banners together for the fp.org?
> > I feel bad for asking as I'm creatively challenged(!) and wouldn't be
> > much assistance in putting them together, but I thought it would be good
> > if we could put banners up advertising FWN when it's released, or the
> > various spins that are now available?
> Sure, and we already did some such banners (like the countdown to F8 
> release and some other designs).
> One good start would be to define which size(s) do we want to use 
> (468x60, others?) and then assembly a list with themes, events, slogans.

Hey, sorry for the slowness of my reply to this. 

I think Re: size of the banner, we could stick to that used for the
countdown to F8 and the current F8 banner as it fits the websites
perfectly. What do people think? Or were people thinking it might be
good to put a banner across the top? I'm worried that might start to
make the pages look a bit heavy...

As for a list of themes, events and slogans:

 * FUDCon (as suggested by Mike)
 * The various spins of F8:
  * Electronics Lab
  * Games Spin
  * Developer Spin
  * KDE
 * Rawhide (?)
 * Fedora Weekly News
 * Documentation
 * Get Involved

Just some suggestions. Feedback? Anybody interested in jumping in and
getting started?!

Best wishes all,


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