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Re: First banner ad!

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
Simple and nice, good work. I believe it should say "2008".
And maybe add some color to the logo? A light halo?

OK, I've changed it to say 2008, but as for colours on the logo I don't
know becuase it seems hard to find colours that will work with the

Do you know Agave - http://home.gna.org/colorscheme/ (yum install agave)? Is a wonderful tool for the job, will help you to find matching colors.

background. Also, I could not figure out the Halo options under effects

The halo effect is a remaining from before Inkscape had the Gaussian Blur filter and is a poor way to fake it (it work only on paths, no objects like ellipses or text which have to be converted to paths, no groups, etc.) The best way to create a halo effect is to make a duplicate of your object (if is a group then ungroup and do an union), outset and then apply Gaussian Blur, maybe decrease the opacity.

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