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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Interesting. I am curious how this would look in full color. Do you plan for strong, full saturated colors?
I'm not sure what I was considering when it came to coloring. I think most of the time in my mind I was picturing more muted colors, so that it doesn't obstruct too much with desktop icons and whatnot, but also there is a lot of negative space that people could put their icons in and still get full view of the arm.
You should avoid the "Freedom" text or *any* other text. It does not work in our multilingual settings, I believe we have a guideline somewhere saying the wallpaper should not include any text. You may want to replace such text with an icon, but I feel the broken chain has the potential to work well enough as an icon.
I knew that part was questionable but put it in there anyway. There are definitely possible replacements for "Freedom". One off the top of my head is the Fedora logo within the speech bubble. The broken chain part is, obviously supposed to represent the "breaking free" and I think the emphasis lines around it add a very nice touch that explains what's going on.
Another thing to consider in an multi-cultural context like ours: in some cultures hand gestures have completely different meanings that you are used to (and may be offensive: one finger, two fingers, the open pal, the fist, etc.).
Definitely going to have to be considered. Perhaps I or someone else could research what a balled up fist represents in multiple cultures so not to offend anyone.

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