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Re: Ubuntu Hardy Heron's theme

Back on topic. I have to agree with Laith here. The potential that Ubuntu has with the menu setup is looking rather nice. Not sure I like the rounded edges for the hightlights inside the menu though. The tooltips are also looking decent. Perhaps we can get some inspiration for something similar.

Laith Juwaidah wrote:

	I just found this digg[1] today.

I NEVER liked Ubuntu's theme (the orangy one), but now with that brown color, that smooth bar, those round edges around the bubble, and the semi-transparant menu, it looks pretty amazing!

	We really should beat that, we can't let that brown-ish thing beat us!

	I'm sure there's a good blue theme that looks better than that treehouse!

[1] http://digg.com/linux_unix/Could_This_Become_Ubuntu_s_New_Theme_for_Hardy_Heron ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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