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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

David Nielsen skrev:
Em Qua, 2007-12-12 às 07:33 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek escreveu:
Freedom? I think best symbol of freedom is pidgeon or statue of liberty
(or something like that).

Maybe an city, like New York, the liberty statue and a pidgeon flying
over :] ?

That would be a downright insulting display of american nationalistic
pride to plenty of people.

We really need to select culturally neutral images, I for one, really
like what we have in Fedora 8 and I would like to suggest keeping and
working on perfecting it instead of replacing the artwork every 6 months

- David
Yes, I really agree on both your statements.  The Fedora 8  theme is the
first theme that have looked really professional in a long time. Lets keep
it and maybe polish it slightly.

Keeping the same theme for several releases will also help to build the brand.
A Rolls Royce model doesn't change appearance from one year to the next.
They don't need to as they sell a quality product, and it is good that people recognize it. The same should go for Fedora. Ubuntu have tried it, and it seam
to work for them.

The Fedora 8 theme would be a very good base for such a long lasting theme
as it is very neutral and businesslike.

Uno Engborg

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