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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

Laith Juwaidah wrote:

And the thing is: Are users ready for 3D computer generated graphics?

We already had such themes: DNA, the theme from Fedora Core 6, was 3D graphics, made with Blender by Mola. Also, we had a few proposals for F7 made with Blender. "Infinity" was selected in the end, but "Moon" (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F8theme-moon) was a strong candidate.

Maybe a scene from nature with a huge space can mean freedom too, and it is more comon, not that I suggest this[1] (the downloads have reached 80,000+), but something similar, well, a morning version would be great :P

Back in the F7 process when Mo proposed the "Infinity" concept she came with a few ideas, and one of them was about nature scenes. However, I think we tend to prefer computer generated images instead of photos as one of our goals it to showcase made with own tools, this was one of the things we are proud about F7: for the first time the theming was made completely using FOSS tools.

Check out the highest rated wallpaper at kde-look.org[2], I didn't go to the second page, but the top 15 (the first page) are all natural scenes, that means that people like this kind of wallpapers....

I don't want to sound rude, but such an user rating is not the best criteria for judgment. Otherwise, we will put as wallpaper some anime soft porn and get instantly huge user ratings.

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