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Re: Ubuntu Hardy Heron's theme

Laith Juwaidah wrote:
I know this is way off topic, but I really wanna know, do you, opensource fans (not that I'm not), not use mp3? Is your music collection in ogg format? And

I know I should let this offtopic thread end, but is something I have to point out: not everybody here is an Open Source fan, some are Free Software fans - is important to note this, as you can have an Open Source application which is not Free, the software patents conflicts with GPL, not with OSI.

Personally, when I rip something I use ogg (my hard drive is not big enough for flac) but when I get something from other source I leave it as mp3.

to make it completely off topic, any good converters? Hahaha, just kidding :D

You can't technically have a good converter, transcoding between lossy formats will affect the quality.

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