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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

I have to agree with you for the most part regarding the 2nd one. Simple, more abstract, works well with the metaphor I'm presenting and has some potential for animated colors. I think I'll stick to these three and hope my idea gets to the next round.

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Michael Beckwith wrote:
Updated the theme page with two more visual ideas.


I noticed (but was too busy to talk about it earlier) the initial design does not allow easily the background animation. You added a window to the wall for this... If it is a jail window, maybe it should have some bars?

In a serious tone, I think the third design is too busy: it have a lot of unnecessary elements: the wall plate, the window, even the walls (the walls are supposed to be blue?). Even the chain broken in *two* places is redundant. I think the second design works better as a metaphor.

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