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Re: [Fwd: Re: Banners]

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
OK, I had a go (but it is a little plain I think, maybe this can be
inspiration for somebody else!) and you can find it here:



I think this isn't what you expected, but:
- I don't like the "Weekly News" font, it looks like you resized the height;
- I know this is a repeat of my design and choice when I made the 468x60 banners for the wiki, but maybe "fedora" should be replaced with the wordmark with the correct typeface (I made the choice back then because I wanted more text on the same font face and the official font is not free); - maybe some play with colors on the text, a drop shadow and some texture for background? - this is my favorite style and may not be the best thing: I like when parts of the subject (the newspaper here) get out of the image.

I should probably have checked that people were interested in getting
this up somewhere on the site for the FWN releases first! Was basing
this on a request buried deep in the archives[1] now to see some banners
get put together, so I figured I'd make a start...

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