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Re: GDM Idea

> Something looking like one of their (SUSE's) mockups [1] or SLiM'
> default theme [2] would be very nice :) .
> Say what you think. Bye.

I like the idea of suse and fedora should have that.
Also with the idea to change login manager.. i think that's very good
to do. I'm currently using SLiM (on Arch Linux.. i dropped fedora for
a while to see what else is around) and i'm impressed by the
simplicity and speed of SLiM. the background is appearing a lot faster
than GDM (in gdm you can mainly see the image building up.. even on
high end systems) in SLiM it's just there.. no notable building up
stuff (perhaps SLiM has better memory usage?). Than adjusting the slim
boot selection (kde, gnome, xfce etc) is easy as well! The only think
i miss in SLiM is a poweroff and restart option (haven't looked into
it so it might be a hidden key combination..?).

And about hte F8 GDM theme... the idea is good.. the result is far
from it (sorry for the developer of the theme) it looks like a quick
theme (in looks) and is WAY to blue!

I sure hope that this is gonna change to a professional (looking)
theme in Fedora 9.

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