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Re: GDM Idea

> I like the idea of suse and fedora should have that.
> Also with the idea to change login manager.. i think that's very good
> to do. I'm currently using SLiM (on Arch Linux.. i dropped fedora for
> a while to see what else is around) and i'm impressed by the
> simplicity and speed of SLiM. the background is appearing a lot faster
> than GDM (in gdm you can mainly see the image building up.. even on
> high end systems) in SLiM it's just there.. no notable building up
> stuff (perhaps SLiM has better memory usage?). Than adjusting the slim
> boot selection (kde, gnome, xfce etc) is easy as well! The only think
> i miss in SLiM is a poweroff and restart option (haven't looked into
> it so it might be a hidden key combination..?).
I am for staying with GDM. At least it has great GNOME community behind
and currently it's being rewrited [1][2].

> And about hte F8 GDM theme... the idea is good.. the result is far
> from it (sorry for the developer of the theme) it looks like a quick
> theme (in looks) and is WAY to blue!
> I sure hope that this is gonna change to a professional (looking)
> theme in Fedora 9.
We will have different GDM theme in F-9. But it's gonna fit the F-9
theme, so if the F-9 theme will be professional looking there would be
great probability for GDM to be professional looking as well.


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/NewGdm
[2] http://live.gnome.org/GDM/NewDesign

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