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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

Jeff Spaleta skrev:
On Dec 12, 2007 3:44 AM, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> wrote:
I for one, really like what we have in Fedora 8 and I would like to suggest keeping and
working on perfecting it instead of replacing the artwork every 6 months

Without making a judgment as to the quality or attractiveness of any
release's artwork....
I would say that making the default desktop image distinctly different
from at least the previous release helps immensely from a release
marketting perspective.  The default desktop image is the most
identifiable thing when skimming screenshots in something like a
review or across-the-room glances when using computers in public
spaces.  High quality isn't good enough to catch the eye from release
to release, releases need to be visually distinctive in order to imply
"new hotness"
Yes, making changes markets the new release. Not changing it, helps
market the Fedora brand, as people will recognize Fedora when they see it regardless
of what release it is.

High quality have been enough to promote e.g. Ubuntu. I think you have too
little faith in that Fedora developers will be able to provide the novelties and increase
in polish of each new release to make people upgrade.

Uno Engborg

Webworks Sverige AB phone: +46 40 12 01 57 Kamrergatan 29 mobile: +46 70 594 27 21
S-211 56, Malmö, Sweden                      web: http://www.webworks.se

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