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Re: Link for official F9 theme proposal

On Dec 15, 2007 12:57 PM, Uno Engborg <uno webworks se> wrote:
> Yes, making changes markets the new release. Not changing it, helps
> market the Fedora brand, as people will recognize Fedora when they see
> it regardless
> of what release it is.

The desktop background is not branding. The logo and the fedora
wordmark graphics are the branding elements. It's not a good idea to
confuse the two.  In fact we've started making it a point to NOT use
the Fedora branding elements in the default desktop artwork to make it
easier for the artwork it to be re-used in derivative distributions.

> High quality have been enough to promote e.g. Ubuntu.

Since neither of us are in a position to make informed remarks on the
topic of what is and is not sufficient to promote other distributions,
I'll refrain from commenting.. other than to stress that the goals of
Fedora as a project are not the goals of Ubuntu.  So it stands to
reason that while we as a community can certainly learn from their
successes, we cannot simply mimic what they do because our goals are
not the same.

> I think you have too
> little faith in that Fedora developers will be able to provide the
> novelties and increase
> in polish of each new release to make people upgrade.

You are questioning my faith in this process and this community?
That's a pretty aggressive way to open your side of a conversation
with me, the first such conversation.  You should consider using a
less accusatory style which fosters forward looking collaboration.

Speaking of forwad looking.... to me the heart and soul of Fedora is
not about "polish"... its not about putting the finishing touches on a
product and pretending that this release could be "the" release that
has to see the last significant improvement and from this point in
we're just going to be grinding out "polish".  It's about driving
innovation.  It's about not being afraid to disrupt the status-quo,
even if it means short-term negatives, in exchange for dramatic long
benefit for the wider open source ecosystem.  From release to release
we see significant shifts in underlying technology (desktop oriented
technology even), and I think the most visible and recognizable
element of the desktop should change accordingly to make it
drop-dead-easy for people to notice that the screencast video they are
watching or they screenshots they are looking at in a tutorial is from
a specific release of Fedora, to minimize the confusion as to which
release works like in the video or screenshot they saw.

-jef"don't make me turn this car around"spaleta

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