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Fedora 9 Theme Artwork Schedule (proposed)

Hi folks,

What do you think about this schedule for the F9 theming process? Also,
how about the requirements for rounds 1-3?

Tuesday, January 8 2008 - Default theme round 1 deadline. Requirements:
formal mailing list proposal, proposal page on the wiki linked up to the
F9 theming process page, at least 3 sketches to illustrate concept.

Tuesday, February 5 2008 - Default theme round 2 deadline. Requirements:
at least 1 wallpaper and 3 supporting graphics - one that is
horizontally long, one that is vertically long, and one that is square
in design.

Thursday, February 28 2008 - Default theme round 3 deadline -
requirements are entire suite of artwork listed on ThemingOverview close
to final versions. We will try to get this artwork into beta, freeze is
4 March.

Monday March 10th - marketing discussion
Monday March 24th - finalize DVD/CD label artwork
Monday March 31st - Firefox default page artwork
Thursday April 8th - www.fedoraproject.org F9 launch materials ready


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