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Re: Draft Schedule for F9

John Poelstra wrote:

My hunch is there are other important tasks you all do that haven't been reflected yet. Keep sending them my way and I'll keep adding them in.

Sure, there are at least two other tasks which are independent from this branch: icon theme and GTK+ theme. But those are mostly tasks of the Desktop team.

- Icon theme: at some point the Desktop team will make a choice about the icon theme - stay with Mist, jump to the Echo (which is under development by some people in the Art Team) or choose something else (Tango?); - the same for the GTK+ theme: stay with Nodoka, maintained by the Art Team or jump to something else.

There are also some additional tasks which are not clearly defined, like: if the Documentation people need something, they ask and we try to provide. For F8 I think they started to use the Echo icons.

But for the desktop artwork, yeah, a task like "round 3", where all the graphics in a set must be made, it can be taken apart in some sub-tasks, but I think we must get more experience in working with them before being able to make an outline.

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