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[Nodoka] News - scrollbar and focus ring redesign, git restructuralisation


I thought I could inform you about some changes I did recently to

First, I implemented new scrollbar design, also I began work on new
focus ring. In most cases the focus indication should be now handled
correctly, though the design is not yet final (I expect to finalise it
based on my own experience and your comments in the beta stage), alas
e.g. firefox behaves really crappy, so in FF3 the old ugly dotted
rectangle is still used (you know, firefox linux integration is somewhat
crappy...). I expect to address the firefox issues in the beta stage as

Next, I decided to take some advantage from git and instead of having
branches in separate folders, I decided to create branches in the git
repo [1] itself. So the current branches there are master (that's the
most recent code), gtk-nodoka-engine-0.5 (for the gtk-nodoka-engine 0.5
branch), gtk-nodoka-engine-0.6 (for the gtk-nodoka-engine 0.6 branch)
and nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3 (for the nodoka-theme-gnome 0.3 branch). I
expect in the future to create new branches when I start working on next
branch, e.g. when I start working on gtk-nodoka-engine 0.8 release I'll
create gtk-nodoka-engine-0.7 branch, etc.

The repo tree was also changed, so the new layout looks like this


It's pretty obvious, which is what... Alas, the nodoka-kwin-theme is
still empty, what's the progress on it Laith?

Any chances anyone volunteers to make a theme for KDE 4? I do not use
KDE, nor know its theming abilities, so if you want Nodoka for KDE,
someone must make it... From my point of view I see no problem in giving
you answers to questions as to how it should like and behave (if you
cannot compare it with the GNOME one) and creating components like
qt4-nodoka-engine or nodoka-DeKorator-theme (or whatever the KDE 4
window manager is called)...

Last, but not least, what I have in mind, is some clarification as to
how I number alpha and beta releases and where you can find what is
currently planed for next release.

So, let the version number be like this: x.y.z.w

then x.y is branch unless z is >= 89. Then x.(y+1) is branch.
Furthermore, if z is 89 then we are at the alpha stage, and the w says
which alpha it is. If z is 90 then we are at beta stage and the w says
which beta is it. If z is 99 then w says which RC is it.

So to clarify more, here are some examples:

"" means "0.7 alpha 1"
"" means "0.6 beta 2"
"" means "1.9 RC 1"
"0.4.90"   means "0.5 beta"
"0.6.1"    means "0.6.1" stable release from 0.6 branch

More info as to what is planned for the next bigger releases (currently can be found on hosted wiki [2].


[1] http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=nodoka;a=summary
[2] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/roadmap

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