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Re: [Nodoka] News - scrollbar and focus ring redesign, git restructuralisation

Martin Sourada <martin.sourada <at> seznam.cz> writes:
> Alas, the nodoka-kwin-theme is still empty, what's the progress on it Laith?

I believe the main issue is that we don't have a KDE 4 port of DeKorator yet, 
and Rawhide is already using KDE 4 KWin, so we can't use the theme in Rawhide 
yet. (WM decorations are only useful for the version of KWin we're actually 

> Any chances anyone volunteers to make a theme for KDE 4? I do not use
> KDE, nor know its theming abilities, so if you want Nodoka for KDE,
> someone must make it...

Ideally we'd also have a Qt 3 version, because not all the KDE apps are going 
to be ported to KDE 4 in time for Fedora 9. (Unlike the KWin case, for widgets, 
we're shipping both Qt 3 and 4, so we can use, and ideally should have, styles 
for both.)

In the KDE SIG discussions about that, I suggested starting from Polyester:
which has both KDE 3 and KDE 4 versions available and which already looks close 
to Nodoka (at least to the version in F8).

WARNING: Whoever works on this will have to do changes to the theme source 
code, not just configuration files and images, so if C++/Qt scares you, this is 
probably not for you. ;-)

        Kevin Kofler

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