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Re: Form widgets on fpo website

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Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Rogue <roguexz <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> Jakub, you are comparing how the widget looks in Firefox 3 alone. What
>> about other browsers? What if the native widgets in those other browsers
>> look terrible?
> The main 2 browser engines in Fedora are:
> * Gecko - for everything using this, the widgets will look just as in Firefox 3 
> (from Fedora 9 on),
> * KHTML (Konqueror) - ignores the widget styling entirely, so it's actually 
> already displaying a native widget,
> so what browsers exactly are you worrying about?

By other browsers, I mean, Opera 9+, Safari and IE too.

Now I know that Safari / IE support sounds ridiculous, but consider a
user running these applications and browsing our website? To give you an
instance, I sometimes access my mails over the iPhone, which means I am
using a Apple Mail + Safari combination. I would personally appreciate
it if the site /behaved/ the same. Now the definition of behavior can be
left to the site designers - some may choose to include L&Fs, others may
choose to restrict it to only functionality.

The point is that there are possibilities of indirect accesses of our site.

Regarding the non-gecko Fedora-packaged HTML engines, I believe we
should be filling bug reports against them for not supporting the
standards :-)

> Also, I don't think the native widget can look worse than a simple 
> rectangle. ;-)

Definitely :-)

- -Rogue
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