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Re: [F9 theme proposal] (Also Freedom :)) Round 1

On 12/30/07, Laith Juwaidah <ljuwaida fedoraproject org> wrote:
> I'm not being mean or anything, but I don't think having war stuff in the
> wallpaper is a good idea, I don't wanna see war whenever I open my computer.
> Honestly, I'll change the theme if that is actually the default for F9.
> Sorry for being rude, but I really hate war! I'm from Iraq if that helps :D
> Cheers! :)

Hi, affcourse you aren't being mean, this is a strong image so it
brings strong feedback from you, and that is ok.

I'm from Croatia (we had a war for independence 15 years ago, so I
know war in person not from TV).

I would like to see some strong and bold from Fedora 9 theme, for me
fedora 8 theme is the "weakest" and "blandest" to date and it is the
ONLY theme I changed, and I used fedora since FC5.


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