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A pretty please (regrading Fedora 9 theme)

first to introduce myself. I'm 29 years old fiber-optics technician
and a linux geek from Croatia. I used fedora since came out but for my
primary desktop since FC5 (i used openSUSE before and Mandriva before
that, ubuntu just doesn't work for me). I'm also a amateur
photographer and have worked with different artists as a critic for
last 10 years.

This is really hard for me to say and I apologize in advance because
all of Fedora Artwork team does great job, but I really have to say
what I think.

I have seen this:
and it frightens me if this is going to be the Fedora 9 theme... or
anything near this. If these are only sketches then ok. But this bring
me back to Fedora 8 theme proposal when I saw current infinity theme
proposed and I thought it will never pass quality check - how was I
surprised when I booted Fedora 8 for the first time.

I know that some people are really satisfied with Fedora 8 theme, and
that different people have different tastes but still I feel fedora 8
theme as too bland, too simple (and I love zen simple design!) and
just too plain. FC5 baloons were nice, FC6 DNA theme was amazing!, F7
hot baloons were cool but I just can't say anything nice about F8

I used Fedora as my primary work desktop since FC5 and for work also
(since FC6) and I upgrade my home systems always to latest Fedora -
this is the only wallpaper I changed from default and I believe that
says a lot.

Unfortunately, I have no creativity talent (except photography) and I
cannot contribute directly except as an constructive critic.

Please, please, pretty please go with a more bold wallpaper theme this time.

Thank you once more for all the work you have given to Fedora project
and I hope you accept these comments as constructive because this is
my intention.


linux, blog, anime, spirituality, windsurf, wireless
registered as user #367004 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org.
ICQ: 2125241, Skype: valent.turkovic

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