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Re: Usability aspects on desktop themse.

Regarding Flying High, I like the wallpaper at http://tinyurl.com/yxz2vw but...
  1. It needs to be lighter. FC5 wallpaper had the optimal brightness.
  2. The balloons should be bigger
  3. The tanagram should not be there. (One metphor is good enough)
I like the Planet metaphor ("Fedora's out of this World") best but the Fedora Borealis wallpaper looks much better.
Gabriel Hurley

On 1/1/07, Uno Engborg <uno webworks se> wrote:
Are you still interested in feedback on fc7 desktop themes?

If so, I would say that the only theme that works well from
usability and accessability perspetive would be the "Fedora flying high

The reason for this one being better is that, there are relatively
few details and the details are larger than the size of icon.
This means that there will be no camoflage effect.

It is also quite even in colour. This means that icon text will
be very readable regardless where you put your icon.

There are also distinct areas with slightly different shades of
blue depending on where on the screen an icon is placed.
This makes it easier to memorize the position of an icon.

The second best themes alternative would probably be Fedora Borealis,
but please make the f:s and other items on the desktop a little larger
so that visually challanged people can differentiate them from icons.
Also make the aurora a little bit darker so that icon text gets better

I would also suggest making the mountain at the bottom a little less
symetric, that way it will be easier to remember where you place an

Uno Engborg

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