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Re: GDM Splash Screen Question

David Zeuthen wrote:

Yeah. IIRC, it started becoming really slow (as opposed to just slow)
when we added SCIM; probably worth profiling / filing bugs.

The non-live CD versions start a whole lot of daemons that not many people will use. We enable the smart card daemon by default for every installation for example. We should completely eradicate that problem by the next release. It is silly.

For example, for English and most European locales input methods are not
needed at all so we should be smart about things and don't automatically
load it. However, for e.g. Chinese and many others locales it's
fundamentally needed so it needs to be on the live CD at least as long
as we have one live CD for all territories.
That might change though; e.g. we might have separate ones for;
Americas/Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, Asia/Pacific or some
other way of breaking it down.

Yes. That would be good. It might be useful have a discussion around the roadmap and reasonable schedules for the new features for the live cd that people have been wanting. Installation to hard disk, gui for the derivates, easy rebranding etc. Look at merging pilgrim and pungi perhaps.


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