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Re: Looking for SVG collection

Hi Paul,

Paul W. Frields wrote:
This is slightly OT, but hopefully I'm hitting the right knowledge
base. :-)  I'm looking for a high-quality SVG icon collection that shows
desktop & notebook computers, firewalls, RM servers, etc.  First, I am
trying to identify the collection I've seen used in many online and
print media, seen here:


I'm almost certain I've seen RHM use this collection as well.  I'm *not*
certain it's SVG but I really hope so.

Failing that, can anyone recommend an comparably elegant SVG collection
I can use for an upcoming presentation?

Hmm, two of those icons certainly appear to be derived from Bluecurve (the computer towers, look like the bluecurve ones) but the laptop, brick wall, full system, etc. I've never seen before.

Andy cleaned up a bunch of the Bluecurve icon sheets a while back, converting them to SVG and making it so that they'll open up in Inkscape. You might find them useful - they're available at:


If there are any things you really need that you can't find on the sheets (I suspect the brick wall might be one of them?) let us know. I would certainly be willing to whip together some icons to fill the gaps.

Another option you have is to use the networking icons included with dia. They're stored as .shape files under /usr/share/dia, but if you open them up in dia and export as SVG you'll get SVGs. They're not as nice-looking as the Bluecurve icons, though.


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