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Here comes the hard part


I posted a thread to the forum The Community Lounge > Fedora Focus directing folks to the "Flying High" preview.


Please feel free to expand the scope of this post to those desired. Admittedly, there is more that could be done to this theme but IMO it is close enough for review.
David, I hope the preview provides the information that you, your colleagues, and other interested parties need to visualize how Fedora Core 7 would look like.

Here's what I want to realize from this effort.

1. Reality Check.

The poll is a simple yes, can't decide, or no (much like a thumbs up or thumbs down); hopefully the details will come in the replies. Much like the stock market where volume is just as important as direction, a high volume return of "no" would suggest do something else. Low volume anything would suggest we are using the wrong tool.

2. Inclusion.

Although not easy, inclusion is important and hopefully the fedora community will feel included by this exercise.

3. Future direction.

If the results suggest further refinements, the direction of those refinements will be something open to discussion.

For me this is a win - win as the real goal of all of this is to promote fedora to a wider audience.



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