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Re: Previewing a GDM theme question

Hi John,

John Baer wrote:
Is there a better way to preview a GDM theme under development other
than using the gdmthemetester script in an Xnest session?

Sure, you can install it and try it out -

1) Make a directory for your theme under /usr/share/gdm/themes. E.g., '/usr/share/gdm/themes/awesomefc7-theme'

2) You'll need a GdmGreeterTheme.desktop file, named exactly that, in the /usr/share/gdm/themes/awesomefc7-theme directory. It should reference the xml file of your actual GDM theme markup. Let's say mine is called gdm-fc7-theme.xml. So your GdmGreeterTheme.desktop file should look something like this:

Name=Awesome FC7
Description=An awesome GDM theme for FC7.
Author=Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com>

(the name, description, screenshot, and author appear in the GDM setup program in the theme browser)

3) You don't need a screenshot above but if you want to take one go ahead and save it as the filename indicated in the GdmGreeterTheme.desktop file in the /usr/share/gdm/themes/awesomefc7-theme directory.

4) Any supporting artwork files (pngs, svgs, etc) should also be dumped into the /usr/share/gdm/themes/awesomefc7-theme directory.

5) Run 'gdmsetup' as root. In the 'local' tab, select 'Themed' under the style item (it may already be selected) and select the theme you just created. If it's not there, check the steps above; make sure particularly that the xml file the GdmGreeterTheme.desktop file is typed correctly and is in the directory and that the GdmGreeterTheme.desktop file has the correct name and path and all that.

6) Log out of your session. The GDM screen you get should be the one you created.


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