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Re: Flying High with Fedora 7 Preview

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

- I'm kind of disappointed to not see any inclusion of or expansion on
the work that was done by other folks here:

I think we effectively have two forks of what was the Flying High theme in Round 1, each of them going in different directions. This is good, as we can explore various approaches.

True - I think it's really good for each theme to have a lot of experimentation with how it's going to look (although I do think it's cool how some of them have ended up meshing with other ones, eg a sky with pieces of Borealis and a balloon in it.) I guess having forks also makes it confusing when folks give us feedback though: which 'flying high' are they talking about, right? (I already kind of have this headache with my original blog post [1] - I'm still receiving comments to it, and sometimes it's not clear to me whether or not folks are talking about the round 1 thumbnail previews or some of the round 2 mockups... )

Maybe we should give them different names or something as to not confuse folks? Flying High Simplicity and Flying High Cotton Candy Clouds? (hehe)


[1] http://mihmo.livejournal.com/35195.html

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