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Flying High Preview 2 Started


I started a Preview 2 wiki page with revised images which I hope addresses many of the comments from the forum poll. The end tally was 96 responses and the  vote was split 50/50 between "Ok or great" and "Not for me".

The things I believe the folks who voted "not for me" were looking for are as follows ...

1. A 3-D'ish design (many liked FC6)

2. More polish

In addition, I read between the lines (my perception only) many of the "not for me" folks were looking for a bolder statement. They were not thrilled by the flat wallpaper (too conservative).

Some asked what the default icon theme was going to be as they picked up on the tango icons used in the mock ups. I assume the status quot (?).

One issue I did not address in preview 2 is the dark color (About the same as FC6). Although it was not my intent to go dark blue it is just how it worked out as I needed something dark to paint the clouds mist against. On the computers I tested (CRT & LCD), the color works well.

At this point I need guidance in any additional changes to be made. All suggestions and/or comments are welcomed.




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