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Re: Branding Wallpaper

Uno Engborg wrote:

To me, less branding would be better. People who see our artwork have allready chosen Fedora and probably doesn't need to be reminded of it all that much. It is also slightly disrespectful to

Unobtrusive branding is good, think at this scenario: a Fedora wallpaper look so good that an Ubuntu user decide to put it on his desktop. Why not unobtrusively remind him the source of the artwork?

But "branding" may not mean absolutely the inclusion of the logo, it may be done only by choosing specific colours or non-logo graphics (like a balloon if the overall theme is a derivative of FlyingHigh)

high jack splash screens of other projekts such as OpenOffice, or
KDE apps unless the fedora team have made some significant contribution to that app that makes it noticalbly different from
the uppstream version.

Well, Red Hat/Fedora have *major* contributions to GNOME, OpenOffice.org and OOo in Fedora is very different compared with the one from Sun.

Cool Fedora wallpapers: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/wallpapers/
Open Clip Art Library: http://www.openclipart.org
my Fedora stuff: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro

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