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Flying High Preview 2 Started


The primary design element of the Flying High theme is the hot air balloon but I did not want to use the same graphic element over and over. To keep the process fresh at every level I added the *technical drawing* perspective to the anaconda pages.

The cross over to *monolith* occurs with the "First Boot" screen(s) with the inclusion of the *technical drawing* with no balloon (Fedora 7) and the *monolith* (represented by the left panel) including smoke and balloon branding.

The *monolith* perspective is my attempt to present Fedora as strong, solid, and reliable (there is no hidden meaning) and to add a touch of bold. The primary design element is brought forward simply as a brand on the surface. The smoke element at the bottom is my attempt to add 3-D to the design (current FC6 design and liked by many). Adding Fedora to the lower right is to add balance to the icons in the upper left. In addition, the upper left is darken a bit to provide strong contrast to the icons and their captions. [ I didn't want them to become lost in all the Fedora fodder floating around. :) ]

In all honesty I do not know how to address the general darkness of the wallpaper. As the current Fedora theme is dark and I believe it was well received, I hope darkness will not be an issue.



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