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Where are we?


Should we have IRC weekly meetings to discuss changes and monitor progress in #fedora-art channel? I can lead that discussion for a while if that is useful.

Otherwise, I have some questions:

* Have we decided a default theme for the different spins in Fedora 7 release. The desktop spin for Fedora 7 is scheduled to be released soon and we are pretty much on the conceptual stage now. Before we put a theme into the distribution, we would probably need much more polish. See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Core/Schedule.

* How much more work does it to make the Echo icon theme complete in some form? Does echo work with KDE, XFCE etc and can be the KDE or applications written in a non-GTK toolkit work with echo properly? Is that planned to be done for the general release of Fedora 7?

* Do we want a unified look and feel between GNOME and KDE? There are themes like Qtcurve we might adopt.


KDE folks are looking at installing gtk-qt-engine and kmenu-gnome for the KDE spin in Fedora 7. Do we intend to install the engine and the complimentary GNOME menu extended for the Desktop spin?



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