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Flying High Preview 2 Started

Dimitris Glezos wrote:

I liked the idea of the blueprint drawings (technical) for the installation. It
felt as if they were professional, but the actual product isn't built yet. The
blueprints put the user into the idea that he himself is building the system and
is kind of anticipating.

What would really be great is to see the drawings get more complete and
sophisticated with the progress of the installation. So at the end of it (the
Congratulations screen) the graphics will be pixel-perfect.

So, here's an idea: why don't we contact the maintainers of Anaconda (Jeremy
Katz?) and see if we could find a way to change the graphics used in the
installation as the progress goes on?

There are eight menu choices on the First Boot screen. If it were me I would allow for eight predefined images and if any were missing use the first. I'll send Jeremy an email for his advice.


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