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Re: FC7ThemeProposalEnergyInterferences

Marco D'Amico wrote:
Nicu Buculei ha scritto:
Marco, we are trying to be constructive and friendly here, so is okay to
not like something, to say it could be better or bad, but *please* say
*why* do you think is bad.

Here's what I think.

What are the differences between Vista's look, Mac OsX's look, Sled's
look, Ubuntu's look and Fedora?
The concept: they're clear, they're consistent and they map out.

OK, I agree there is need for more consistency but I fail to see how it is related with Jiri's submissions, which are only proposals for Round 2

Why put the "bubbles" in a distribution like Fedora?

Look here to see why are the bubble in the logo:

Who is the target user of Fedora? Are they going to kindergarten? I
don't think so.

This is a good question, as we all want to see a better definition.

Last time when I looked at the defined target, it was the "computer enthusiast". Don't know how to understand this, if we use naked people, anime and games is enough?

Why don't we use the Tango icons?  I suggest that it is because Diana
and Máirín wanted it so. But what does he Fedora community want?

Each time this came into discuss, the majority of *contributors* opted for a personalized icon theme and were against using Tango directly as-is, use at least a variant of Tango (as Mairin replied).

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