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Re: F8 artwork

Hi folks, 

I am at the beginning of the exams, so I have not much time left now for
Fedora, yet I'll start working on Echo again in after I am done with the
exams (hopefully)... I also have some comments and suggestions that fits
into this thread.

On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 20:03 +0200, Mark wrote:
> @ the school idea.
> i like that alot!

> @ a possible new theme for F8
> first i would like to say that a 3 round theme "battle" like with F7
> would be nice
> About the new theme itself.. i think fedora should drop the default
> gnome look and create a real theme... not that the current default
> themes (gnome/kde) are bad.. just that a completely different theme
> could be good for fedora. i personally would go for a soft and smooth
> theme. 

Yep, I though about it. I like clearlooks, and I like it very much, but
there is nothing of Fedora about it, and the default metacity theme is
not that good. I think that we, the artwork group, should define the
fedora look and feel completely. We should not restrict ourselves to
Echo icons and cursors and wallpaper related artwork. I heard comments
that Fedora 7 look is not bad, but its somehow incomplete, not unified.

We need to improve that. Firstly, we need to improve the coverage of the
Echo theme. The icons that are on the eyes of most of fedora users
should be high priority. We should cover the icons used by the basic
applications used in Fedora. Secondly, we need new wallpaper related
artwork. I am for the three-round competition and smooth boot process
with as little changing-of-screen's as possible.

Next, our goal should be defining Fedora widget style and window manager
style. We need to show users that we are Fedora, not just GNOME or KDE.
That means, that we need to create new gtk/qt theme, possibly we could
start with clearlooks, its really nice, and that we need metacity/kwm
theme as well. And they should fit nice together, IMO the should not be
too shiny or eye-candy, they should be decent and nice -- so that you
will not get bored after using them for a few years ;-)

Also, I was said, that the notification message window that is used e.g.
for notifying user about available updates is horrible. So we should
check, how much themable it is and prepare a theme for it, again that
fits well to the rest of the desktop.

I will repeat the main idea again: we need UNIFIED look in the default
fedora artwork. That's what the users see in reviews and what they see
after they install fedora, and what they see in Live CDs. We must focus
on the unity a completeness. We must define the Fedora Artwork. When
user see a screenshot with default artwork selected, he must know that
it's Fedora.

And to propose some less needed yet quite interesting and valuable
projects, I would also suggest to to make Echo theme for themable apps
used in Fedora, e.g. firefox or thunderbird (especially the latter´s
Vista look fits really horrible to the rest of the Fedora desktop).

And just my opinion about colours... well.. I really like Fedora blue
and would stick to it. People have blue already connected with Fedora.
And I think blue is the very colour that fits Fedora better. But, as was
mentioned earlier by someone else, we should not overblueize it... :D


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