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Re: F8 artwork

On 06/06/07, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:

- Personally, I'd like to explore a somewhat different style of artwork
for F8; something much less branded and image-based (maybe stripes :-)
-- if only because the F7 artwork is pretty much at the top of the
quality scale for this kind of heavily image-based, branded artwork (as
the initial F7 reviews show), and will be hard to top...

It will be very difficult to beat the FC5/6/7 artwork (I prefered the
6 then 5). The stripes were nice in FC5 Bubbles but got a bit tiresome
after a few months. I think I shall try some vector-style stuff like
my Arty Farty wallpaper (more later) which is clean yet has a good

- I haven't heard much about the status of the Echo icon theme lately;
are you hoping to have this in good enough shape to become the default
in F8 ?  We also need to redo the experiment to include svns.

I hope to find some time durig the summer to continue work on Echo, I
have been swamped with college work lately as I am reaching the big
crescendo and final project. I also am on holiday for the first two
weeks in July but after that, I'm all yours ;-)

On 06/06/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
I agree about exploring a new style because I think we should bring
something fresh in each release and because is fun to explore different

+1, as I say I liked the FC5 style. My current desktops are pretty
minimal as they are colourful yet not distracting.

On 06/06/07, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:

2) We should have a general discussion here on list to get our thoughts
out on where F8's artwork could go. What desktop wallpaper are you using
these days? Have you seen any cool ones lately? Seen any cool current
graphic design in general lately?

As I say, my desktop's are fairly minimal.

Elements for my E17 :
Arty Farty in my KDE : http://img186.imageshack.us/my.php?image=artyfartyvb9.jpg
FreeBSD wallpaper :

Some kind of designs like this can be trendy but carefully worked!


On 06/06/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
Daring thought : have a non-blue wallpaper (blue is great but there
are other colors too. Fedora theming have bordered on the monochrome
those past releases)

I'm afraid I'm against that as the blue is all over the place; the
logo colours and prominent areas of Echo icons are various shades of

On 06/06/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:

One thing that has frequently been mentioned by some reviews including
the distrowatch one at
http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20070604#feature is that the
clearlooks theme looks distinctly dry compared to the polished artwork
in GDM, wallpaper etc. I think folks are looking for a more glossy theme.

Heh, I'm runnning Enlightenment E17, Entrace and all :-)

On 07/06/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:

I am for focusing on the concept (metaphor), illustrated with just a
single image (wallpaper), I think we can mentally extrapolate from it
and have a good idea about how it work for the other elements.

Me too, I have found creating the wallpaper and then expanding into
other areas to be the easiest and it create a more unified look. Maybe
using the GDM themes etc. as colourful backgrounds without much detail
might work depending on the individual design.

Punctually, I think we should stay with blue as the dominant color and
agree about reducing the usage of the logo.

I quite like the logo on my wallpapers, even if it is small. This will
help with the identification from screenshots.

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